New cattle crush headbails from NSS

National Stockyard Systems have improved the headbail on their entire range of cattle crushes and headbails.

A common problem with most headbails is the horizontal movement at the base of the headbail when under pressure. One way to overcome this is by swiveling the bail arms from anchor points at the base of the headbail. This results in the headbail opening as in a V shape. This has it’s own inherent problems when releasing the animal due to hips catching etc and the top of the bail arms having to protrude significantly into the work area when open.

National Stockyard Systems have overcome bottom spread of the headbail (and, thus general spread) by incorporating stabilizer bars into both sides of the headbail. These stabilizer bars transfer attempted outward movement at the base of the headbail back to the frame of the cattle crush. Thus, the bail arms remain absolutely parallel, even under extreme pressure.

In addition to the head lifter, which comes standard with every cattle crush and headbail, there is now a very clever folding chin clam available as an optional extra. The chin clam bolts onto the head lifter, and, as the head lifter is engaged, the chin clam folds into a U shape as the head lifter comes up. The folding head clam is the result of 12 months of development and a Registered Design has been applied for with IP Australia. Also, the head lifter, and, thus the chin clam are now height adjustable.

The chin lifter need not be engaged with every operation. Standard on all National Stockyard Systems cattle crushes and headbails is a diamond shaped yoke that restricts vertical head movement after the animal is caught. Also the baffles are see-through, enabling the animal to see straight ahead prior to catching. This generally means that the animal will stand closer to the headbail prior to catching. This means animals are easier to catch and do not hit the bail arms as hard.

Another improvement to the entire range of National Stockyard Systems crushes and headbails is an improvement in the headbail grab. The grab is still silent and infinite. The grade of steel used in the grab has been improved. This special hardened steel is now sourced from France as no steel made in Australia is hard enough. On the animal welfare side, the bail arms will automatically open if the bail arms are within 4 inches of the side of the crush (when releasing only). This prevents hip caps being knocked if the operator does not fully open the bail arms.

The features of the crush body remain the same with all National Stockyard Systems cattle crushes. The crushes and headbails are subject to one Patent Pending on the split sliding gate, a Registered Design on the crush and headbail operating handles, and a Registered Design application on the folding chin clam.

For more information please contact Murray Schaefer on 0425 315 913 or visit the cattle crush page on the National Stockyard Systems website.

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